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DNI and VISA Renewals

For those of you whose DNI expires between June and July, we are close to the time in which we need to renew your DNIs.  

DNI Renewal appointments need to be requested within 60 days prior to the expiration date on your DNIs.  

Since many of you will be travelling over the June/July months, Mr. Ruffa (our external consultant) will request your renewal appointments in the coming weeks. IMPORTANT: You must be in Argentina at the time he requests the appointment, in order for the appointment to be granted. We hope that the appointment will be granted before June 18th, after which many of you are planning to travel. With your DNI renewed and with your updated PRECARIA (a document showing that your request for visa extension has been submitted and is in process), you will be able to leave and return to Argentina with no difficulty. 

If the appointment is given when you are not in the country, Mr. Ruffa will request for an extension until you return to Buenos Aires. With your precaria document, you should be able to return to the country. 

IMPORTANT: If Maggie sends you an appt for a date when you will not be in Argentina, you must let her know ASAP so that Mr. Ruffa can request the appt extension.


Lincoln Employees who wish to use their Home Leave Benefit are responsible for contacting TSS Viajes Travel Agency in order to make flight arrangements directly with the agency. Please contact us at for more information on the booking process if you have not done so already. We are aware that some of you are experiencing challenges. We are also aware that current taxes on flights are extremely high. Please inform the HR Team ASAP of any problems you are encountering. 

If you decide not to use your Home Leave Flight during the month of June and July, please inform the HR Team so that they are aware of your plans. 


If you are planning to travel, please remember to review travel and quarantine requirements for your country of destination. It is your responsibility to remain informed about evolving travel requirements, especially due to the pandemic and global travel restrictions. 

Please note that you are responsible for payment of the PCR Tests and for any quarantine costs for your travel. 

Below are two testing centers where you can get your Travellers PCR reports. Both have several locations in Zona Norte and CABA.

Stamboulian - PCR for Travellers

  • Request Appt online
  • 24 hour turnover on results

Diagnostico Maipu - PCR for Travellers

  • Have locations in CABA and Zona Norte
  • Cost: For individual $7800 + 1300 for housecall


Below are the protocols to travel back to Argentina as of the Oficial Bulletin published March 25th, 2021.

Obtain a negative PCR 72 hrs prior to travel.

When you land in Buenos Aires you will need to take a 2nd PCR in the airport.

If your PCR test is positive, you will need to quarantine for 7-14 days in a government assigned hotel.  You will be responsible for all costs associated with your stay in quarantine.

If your PCR is negative, you will need to quarantine in your home for 7 additional days, being able to go out as of day 8 of your arrival and 2nd PCR test.

At the end of your quarantine you will need to get a 3rd PCR test to confirm that you can circulate freely.

Other Important Points re Travelling:

  • Argentina will not run repatriation flights to Buenos Aires.
  • Commercial airlines will be allowed to enter and may be delayed due to gradual entry protocols. 
  • At this time, there is no information regarding waivers of the above mentioned protocol for those who have had the vaccine. 
  • Please remember to check our COVID-19 information section on the website regularly to review updates, as well as local government websites. 
  • Please remember to check quarantine needs and travel restrictions for your country of destination.  Please make sure to plan for these needs well in advance. 


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