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Dear Lincoln Community,

Below are the updates to protocols for the management and control of COVID in educational institutions communicated by the Argentine Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. In addition, we have also included modifications in our Lincoln protocols as well. 

The main highlights are the following:

  1. Anyone who has symptoms must stay home
  2. The previous quarantine system that involved bubbles is no longer in effect. If a student is a suspected or confirmed case of COVID, we will no longer need to isolate the entire class or close contacts.
  3. Asymptomatic close contacts who are vaccinated with two or more doses, or have had COVID in the past 90 days, will NOT need to be isolated.
  4. Only suspected cases, confirmed cases and unvaccinated close contacts, or those with an incomplete vaccination schedule (1 dose) will need to be isolated.
    • If a student is confirmed positive for COVID:
      • Those students who are fully vaccinated: Quarantine for 7 days and for the following 3 days, reinforce preventive care (wear a mask at all times when in the presence of others, keep physical distance, maintain rooms well ventilated).
      • Those students who are NOT fully vaccinated: Quarantine for 10 days.
    • If a student was in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID:
      • Those students who have symptoms must stay home.
      • Those students who have no symptoms and are fully vaccinated OR have had COVID in the last 90 days: Don't need to quarantine. In the following 10 days, reinforce preventive care (wear a mask at all times when in the presence of others, keep physical distance, maintain rooms well ventilated). Self-monitor for symptoms daily. 
      • Those students who are NOT fully vaccinated and have no symptoms: Quarantine for 10 days.
  5. The criteria for what is considered a suspected case has slightly changed: 
    • Every person with sudden loss of smell or taste OR that shows TWO or more of the following symptoms is considered a suspected case for COVID-19:
      • Temperature above 38 C or 100.4 F
      • Cough
      • Sore throat
      • Difficulty breathing
      • Headache
      • Body aches or fatigue
      • Vomits or diarrhea
      • Nasal congestion
  6. The use of a mask in closed spaces is mandatory for all staff and for students from Grade One upwards. Masks are optional for K4 and K5 students. Masks are optional outdoors and for physical activities.
  7. Distancing is prioritized at times when masks are not required, such as during lunch time in the cafeteria and when doing physical activities. 
  8. The School must collect information on immunization against COVID-19 from the entire educational community (students, parents, teachers and staff).
  9. The educational and health authorities will be consulted for the application of corrective measures in the event of outbreaks (3 confirmed cases among students and teachers in the same classroom in a period equal to or less than 7 days.)

Additional modifications in Lincoln’s protocols:

  • Parents, students and employees will not need to complete the weekly Sworn Health Declaration any longer. This requirement will continue to be requested of external visitors and suppliers.
  • Parents, students, and employees will not have their body temperatures taken upon entering campus. This requirement will continue for external visitors and suppliers.


Madeleine Maceda Heide

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