School News

Earth Week at Lincoln: Restore Our Earth

To celebrate the 51st Earth Day, the Lincoln Eco-Committee and our Global Issues Network organized some special events! 

The global theme was ‘Restore Our Earth,’ and at Lincoln we decided to focus on how to do our part by taking action towards sustainability in our daily lives!

Eco Challenge

This year, the Eco-Committee has paired up with Coach Dean to kick off an Eco Challenge!

We took action to take care of topics around these categories: water, earth, air, energy and waste. The Lincoln community also decided to honor the Earth by wearing green.

Check out out amazing padlet full of ways in which our community has been making a difference. 

Lincoln Condors also shared their pledges to restore our earth on Flipgrid.

Jill Pelto: Climate Change Artist and Activist

We also had the climate change artist/scientist, Jill Pelto, speaking at each division and meeting with classes. Her work was recently featured on the cover of TIME magazine for their issue on climate change, and has been recognized in the Smithsonian, PBS NewsHour, and National Geographic.

Global Issues Network (GIN)

This year the Global Issues Network organized an assembly in honor of the 51st Earth Day, whose theme was Restore the Earth. They thought about this theme and as a group decided that some of the most important issues that needed to be addressed in order for all of us to "Restore our Earth" were as follows:

1) Use of Single-Use Plastics (which was addressed with Masks and Our Environment);
2) Water Waste;
3) Sustainable Eating Habits;
4) The Importance of Recycling (specifically how is it done at Lincoln);
5) Bio Degeneration (focusing on the extinction of plants caused by climate change);
6) Climate Change (undoing the misinformation presented on Social Media).  

As a result, each GIN member set out to direct a breakout room aimed at taking on one of these issues. Using multiple forms of media and interactive activities, we engaged our community in the very important discussion of what we can do to help restore our earth.

As a group, GIN thought it would nice to know what our community feels about Earth Day.

This video sets out to answer just that: