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Our Director of Student Support Services, Sientania McNeil, shares what we believe inclusion is, its importance, and its impact on our community of learners.

Middle school first day back to school Feb 2024


In education, inclusion is often viewed as a way to benefit students with disabilities who historically were and continue to be excluded from participating in regular educational settings. Lincoln has redefined this concept by asking the question, ‘Who benefits more?’ and the truth is everyone does! At Lincoln, inclusion is a core value that we believe makes our community a true reflection of the real world and an embodiment of the ideals we wish to see in society. 

Embracing inclusion brings out our strengths and provides us with the opportunity to understand ourselves and others with a deeper appreciation and respect for diversity. It is indeed a privilege to learn through diverse styles, ignite creativity, and tap into our innate potential.

Inclusion enables us to redefine success;  this is evident in a student reaching a goal that enables them to navigate their day successfully, or discovering personal interests and setting meaningful goals. To us, success is witnessing every student reach their full potential, becoming self-navigators and self-advocates in a safe and nurturing environment that adapts to create conditions for success. 

Inclusion allows us to authentically connect with each other, recognizing that we all have limitations and areas of potential. Also fostering empathy as an essential life skill. Everyone deserves to belong to a community where they can learn and show up as their authentic self.

High school students back to school day


Academic excellence flourishes through inclusion. educators and educational leaders transform learning from a mundane activity into a lifelong journey of endless skill development in preparation to solve real-world problems. Progressive teaching practices centered around student voice, inquiry, critical thinking, and practical learning become the norm. 

Inclusion, therefore, makes us not only better students but better educators, parents, and global citizens. It is the cornerstone of a community that values diversity, by intentionally creating an environment where each individual is recognized, celebrated, and empowered to contribute their unique strengths to the collective tapestry of learning.


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