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Taekwondo and Rodrigo Gozzano: a champion that motivates Lincoln


World Taekwondo Champion, recognized athlete, and a teacher who inspires our students. Meet our martial arts teacher.

El Taekwondo y Rodrigo Gozzano: un campeón que motiva a Lincoln

Is passion born or developed? For Rodrigo Gozzano, a Taekwondo teacher at Lincoln for over 10 years, it seems to be the first case. A neighbor of Vicente López, national teacher of Physical Education, ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) Taekwondo instructor with 12 years of experience and founder of the ITF Peru Beach Taekwondo school (ABATI), Rodrigo knows no roof when it comes to pursuing his vocation.

Despite the constant efforts that his profession demands, he never lost his motivation. Work, study and countless hours of training led him to become a world champion on several occasions.  Among his most recent achievements, Rodrigo was overall the best adult male competitor at the XI AETF Open European Cup Bulgaria 2022. He won four gold medals in total, including individual medals in forms, wrestling and preset wrestling. In addition, together with the Argentine Selection of Forms, he obtained first place in that championship.

Now our athlete is preparing to participate in October in the Taekwondo World Cup, which will take place in Koper, Slovenia. “Taekwon-Do is amateur and in my case I don't receive any financial help. We are always looking for sponsors to help us, collaborating with these projects,” Rodrigo said in his interview.

Rodrigo Gozzano: profesor de Taekwondo


The Taekwondo Kick


His achievements in preset wrestling, skill techniques (jumps, breaking boards) and work with the Argentine Taekwondo Association ITF determined him to be a reference in the sport. But what Rodrigo appreciates most is what Taekwondo brings to his life. The discipline of martial arts and the enduring values ​​it grants, such as respect, perseverance, integrity, and courtesy, have shaped their daily lifestyle and attitudes.

Throughout his career, and in every seminar and class he gave, he always communicated those pillars, in addition to teaching skills that help all learners, such as focus and teamwork. His passion made him an outstanding athlete, a loved member of the community, and an admirable person. We interviewed Rodrigo so you can know more about our Taekwondo teacher.

How was it for you to compete in the XI AETF Open European Cup Bulgaria 2022?

The experience was very rewarding, I had the recognition of many world leaders and it was also very nice, after 8 years of being in the national team, being the team captain. On one hand, I came back from this trip with a lot of learning that I will share with our students. On the other hand I came back very happy to see that with perseverance and effort the proposed objectives can be achieved.

How did Taekwondo first fit in your life?

When I was seven years old, my current teacher Eduardo Barile started teaching Taekwondo at the school I was studying. So I quickly signed up to start the activity as I was very interested.

What was it that attracted you to this sport?

When watching martial arts movies, I was first attracted to all the physical skills (jumps, kicks, turns, etc), although with practice I discovered that Taekwondo is much more than that. After a while I was very attracted to the idea of ​​improving myself day by day through physical and mental training.

How does your Taekwondo career complement your role as a teacher at Lincoln?

Thanks to Taekwondo I was able to travel around the world for the last 6 years and that helped me get to know different cultures, many of which are present at Lincoln. On the other hand, competing internationally with the Argentine national team greatly increased my knowledge about the different training systems. I  put all my experience into each class I give. 

What do you like most about teaching at school?

What I like the most is the good energy of students when it comes to learning and that our Dojang (practice place) has a view of the river. That is beautiful.

Rodrigo Gozzano: profesor de Taekwondo de Lincoln


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