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During the last two weeks, all around our campus you could hear laughter, singing, games... This year’s edition of our traditional Summer Camp was different in many ways but the essence remained the same: pure fun! The Camp prioritizes recreational activities while also functioning as a learning opportunity for students in several different sports (especially swimming!). Students also get a chance to practice their language skills over the break, get to know students outside of their specific class groups and welcome our new students to our community.


Summer Camp Coaches


Our amazing team of coaches rose up to the challenge and adapted activities of all sorts to meet the sanitary protocols and keep everybody safe, while also putting their creativity to work in coming up with new games. Knowing how important reconnecting was for the students who signed up doubled their energy and the results spoke for themselves! We want to congratulate them and the kids for this special Summer Camp experience. Every group showed amazing adaptability and followed our new campus rules while having an amazing time together, which leaves us with high hopes for next week. What a great way to start 2021 and to get ready for our second semester and our campus reopening!

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