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Rising Stars: Meet Lincoln's Rock Sensation!


The Crying Condors teamed last year and, since then, they have ignited stages all over our school, from vibrant assemblies to prestigious institutional events. Learn the story of this dynamic group of young musicians who are not just performers, but passionate communicators channeling their energy into the electrifying world of rock and metal.

Crying Condors rock band


Whether there is a school event, an assembly, or an open school day for visitors to meet the campus, the Crying Condors are there. But, who are they? The band started in the middle of 2023 when a new student came to school with a love for music and teamwork. Mael, a high school learner, had just started at Lincoln in the second semester and already missed playing in a rock band like he did in his last school. With the hope of finding people with the same passion for performing music, he took matters into his own hands and started an after-school activity with the support of the high school music teachers, Ms. Wanamaker and Mr. Ignacio.

Though the band existed, they did not get a name until the beginning of 2024, when more students joined the team: Mael, Nune, Tiziana, Max, Belen, Ignacio, and Luna. Now, the Crying Condors have two singers, a bass player, a guitarist, a pianist, and a drummer. “During one of the rehearsals, we started brainstorming about a name for the band. When Crying Condors came up, we all voted in favor. I think the alliteration and cynical touch convinced us,” Mael shared during an interview. We got one-on-one with three members to learn all the details of the rise of the Crying Condors and understand how the band impacted their lives. 

Music has allowed me to grow and gain confidence. - Mael, founder of the Crying Condors

Why did you join the band?

Nune: I love playing music and wanted an opportunity to expand my musical knowledge. At home, my brother Mael and I play music together. He encouraged me to join the band. Being in the band not only satisfies my passion for music but also has become a transformative experience for me. It helped me learn important life skills like discipline and time management, which I quickly realized were essential for music and all aspects of life. Managing rehearsals, performances, and academics taught me the value of prioritizing and managing my time efficiently.

Crying Condors at Speak 2023

What role did Lincoln play in exploring your musical passion?

Mael: I was already an active musician when I came to Lincoln. I joined the band class as an elective. From the very beginning, Ms. Wanamaker has been very supportive, encouraging, and enthusiastic, always making sure I can play at my level and learn new skills. Before the HS rock band, she invited me to perform on various occasions, alone, with her and Mr. Ignacio, and with my sister. Other Lincoln teachers and administrators have been very supportive as well, always giving positive feedback and allowing me to perform. This has helped me to become more confident as a performer as before Lincoln I was more focused on playing as a hobby, just by myself.

Nune: Collaborating with my bandmates to create music needs high levels of cooperation and teamwork. These experiences teach me the importance of listening to others, compromising, and working towards a common goal.

We mostly like to play metal and rock but make sure that the songs we perform are pleasant to listen to for people with a “softer” music taste as well. - Mael, band member

The band has already played in numerous school events. How was the experience?

Mael: Rehearsals are as fun as performing, but being on stage and playing for an audience that is enthusiastic and supportive is fantastic. Every time we are asked to perform feels like an honor. We hope to have many more opportunities to play for and with the Lincoln community.

Being in the band serves as an opportunity for personal growth. It teaches me patience and a sense of responsibility outside of the classroom. - Nune, band member

What are your plans for the future of the band?

Mael: We are working hard to add more songs to our repertoire, and I hope that someday we add some Crying Condor originals. I also hope that, at some point, we will be able to welcome a (part-time) drummer. If you play at intermediate or higher level, like to improvise, and can play both from sheet music and by ear, please reach out!

Furthermore, at the beginning of the year, I reached out to Mr. Sheldrick from the elementary Life Centered Education Program (LCE) and invited the LCE students to come and join our band every few weeks to enjoy music together. Ms. Wanamaker supported the initiative and we have already met with the LCE students and team a few times. Music has allowed me to grow and gain confidence. I wanted the LCE students to experience the same. It has been a fantastic experience! We jam together and the students get a chance to sing, play percussion, and dance. They share their favorite songs with us.

Being a part of the band means more than just making music together. It is about building social skills and making friendships. - Nune, band member

In which ways does the band complement your academic development?

Mael: The band has helped me improve my leadership skills. As leader of the band, I have learned how to take on my responsibilities, manage my time, become a better communicator, and work closely with people who have their ideas and ways of learning. The band also has helped me to more consciously consider different perspectives when formulating my standpoints and to understand the importance of being able to not insist on my ways if the group would benefit more from other ways.

Crying Condors hs rock band

Ignacio: The band helped me with teamwork, getting to know people, and just feeling better. 

Nune: Being in the band serves as an opportunity for personal growth. It teaches me patience and a sense of responsibility outside of the classroom. Learning to master a musical instrument or perfect a piece of music also needs dedication and perseverance. These qualities sharpen my mind and improve my coordination and concentration, skills that are helpful in life beyond music.

How would you describe a Lincoln artist?

Mael: A Lincoln artist is a passionate, open-minded, flexible, compassionate, empathetic, resilient, and persevering team player.

Ignacio: Lincoln artists are creative people who want to create art and expand their knowledge. 

Nune: Being a part of the band means more than just making music together. It is about building social skills and making friendships. Collaboration within a group allows me to develop meaningful connections with my bandmates and learn from them. These friendships extend beyond the rehearsal room and concert stage, becoming a part of my social life too. The Crying Condors have become my friends and my community!


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