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We are a learning community. This means that all of us believe in the transformative power that lies in all learning processes. Every five years, Lincoln works on a new Strategic Plan to set the next steps and priorities that allow us to continue growing and adapting to meet the needs of our students in this rapidly changing global context.

The process to reach the Strategic Plan that will guide us during the 2020-2025 period began towards the end of 2019 and is still developing through the COVID-19 lockdown. The Board wanted to ensure this was a collaborative process, so the first step was to organize meetings and surveys throughout the community: faculty, staff, parents and students were all taken into consideration as fundamental voices to answer these questions: “what do we want Lincoln to look like in five years?”, “what needs attention?”, “what do we love about the way things are now?”.

Madeleine Maceda Heide, our Superintendent, conducted meetings with Juan Mora y Araujo, President of our Board of Governors, and other key stakeholders: three meetings with parents from all three school divisions, where the Principals (current and incoming) also joined in; a series of meetings with faculty and staff members; two meetings with the Middle School and High School STUCO (the Student Council). A survey was also sent out to each and every home to get extensive input on what our community values, where they would like to see Lincoln going in the near future and what bold dreams they envision for us all. Planning strategically is a major, collaborative project and we are grateful to everyone who participated during our initial phase.

After this first phase, Craig Johnson and Mike Ehrhardt, two consultants who are currently heads of international schools and both have a lot of experience guiding strategic planning, joined us for a week to lead a retreat: two days dedicated solely to the purpose of analyzing our school’s culture and to reach a decision regarding our mission, character standards, belief statements, and strategic objectives as the starting point from where we intend to structure the plan.

We thoroughly revised and edited the mission and we are absolutely thrilled with what it is as of today. Each word is meaningful for our community and was picked for its ability to portray where we’re headed.

We also reached an agreement regarding the new belief statements that we feel complete the mission and really summarize what we have to do so that our school is at its best.

Check out our Strategic Objectives.

You can also watch the Minute With Madeleine in which Juan Mora y Araujo, President of the Board of Governors, joins Madeleine to talk about this process.


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