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Lincoln victories in SAAC, Friendship Meets, and team spirit! 


First place in Boys Volleyball at the SAAC in Chile. Bronze in Girls Volleyball. And our Cross Country team took home 4th place. Learn all that is happening with our athletes! 

Our Condors are flying high these last few months. High and busy! At the end of October, our learners claimed First Place in Boys Volleyball at the annual SAAC Volleyball, hosted by The International School Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile. Lincoln also brought home the Bronze medal in Girls Volleyball. And our Cross Country Team won 4th place in their SAAC competition. 

“Our student-athletes all showed immense sportsmanship and proved to be global ambassadors of our community,” Sara Zohore said. It was a challenging event that took three days of hard work and effort for our Condors. Congratulations! 


Trip to Miramar: a growing experience! 

Grade 4 and 5 athletes welcomed November with a sport theme trip to Miramar. They played basketball, soccer, taekwondo, tennis, and even took some dance lessons. “For many, this was a first-time overnight trip away from home! Way to represent Lincoln!,” Sara added. 


Middle schoolers in Uruguay: friendships in the making

The Middle School Friendship Meet at the Uruguayan American School finally took place! For three days, 31 of our athletes participated in soccer and volleyball. Not only did they challenge themselves, but they also came back from Uruguay with new friendships! 


The Mini Friendship Meet is all about team spirit!

Nothing is stopping Grades 4 and 5! From November 11-12 they hosted a Mini Friendship Meet with Concepcion del Uruguay. They played soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and swimming. Lincoln dancers and cheerleaders also got to show their hard work through a live performance. “Another opportunity for sportsmanship to abound,” Sara concluded. 

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