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Fabricio Gatta won third place in the Ruzickova Composition Competition. His work will be recorded and released in a digital album. 

Fabricio Gatta


An awarded composer, a skilled pianist, and a music teacher at Lincoln. Since 1995, Fabricio Gatta has inspired our middle and high school students with his passion for music while developing new pieces that stand out in national and international competitions. The most recent recognition comes from London! Our music teacher won third place at the Ruzickova Composition Competition 2024. His winning piece, ‘No 1,2&3’, will be recorded with the other winners later this year in a digital album released by First Hand Records.

This is the fifth round of the Ruzickova Composition Competition, with submissions for baroque violin(s) and harpsichord from all over the world. Of more than 50 composers, six were selected as winners of the Viktor Kalabis Prize. Besides the recording of the submitted pieces, the work will also be published by Prima la Musica, a production company of online music catalogs, and performing materials.  

As a National Music Professor, with a specialization in piano, and 28 years at Lincoln, it’s safe to say Fabricio is a constant inspiration for all. “This work was a challenge for me as a composer. I loved the idea of ​​this contest. It is the first time that I worked thinking about making a composition within the baroque style.”


Just Last year, Fabricio received another award: second place at the National Music Contest 2023, the most important competition of its kind in Argentina. Throughout his career, he has taken part in national and international contests in Argentina, Germany, and Greece, participated in music tours in France, Italy, and Mexico, and developed original work for theater and arrangements for musicals. 

Despite all these achievements, he still holds the spirit of a lifelong learner, whether it is in the classroom or at a competition. It shows in the creative process for the London challenge:

New ideas arose and others that I had already worked on were I was able to adapt and convert them into three very contrasting movements. ​In the first movement, the violin exposes the entire motif of the first number as an introduction. Then it returns to the main theme, now with the intervention of the harpsichord. The second movement is a dance that contains a typical rhythm of Argentine folklore, developing and transforming its melodic line within a lively baroque atmosphere. The last movement since its beginning, has an air of baroque style alternating with contemporary influences. A conversation flows between the instruments continuously, where different moods can be felt.


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