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Lincoln Learner Released Her First Professional Recording!


Ernestina Burkett, middle school student at Lincoln, had her first experience at a music studio last September. Now, her recording is available on more than 140 platforms. Learn about her experience as an aspiring singer.  


“I have always loved Broadway musicals.” That’s the beginning of Ernestina Burkett's journey as a singer. On September 8, our middle school learner released her first professional recording! A cover of “Amor Prohibido", a song by the popular Mexican singer Selena. Now, it is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and over 140 platforms. 

Her closeness to music did not fully develop until two years ago when she went to see The Phantom of the Opera with her family. “That musical cast a spell on me. It transformed me deeply. When we returned to Argentina, I said I wanted to be a singer.” With her parents’ support and the guidance of a professional coach, she started her vocal training to become a professional singer one day. We interviewed Ernestina to learn more about her passion for music. 


Tell us about the experience of working on your first professional recording!


Fascinating is the first word that comes to mind. I was supposed to go to a studio next year or even the next. However, the coach and the music composition teacher told me I was ready. So, while the melodic arrangement was being produced, I practiced and finally the day arrived. It was love at first sight. The microphone, the consoles, the sound engineer, the musicians. I felt super comfortable, and it didn't take many takes to have the final version.

“Amor Prohibido” is a cover of a song from the Latin pop genre. But we wanted to give it some local cumbia and folklore airs. And although I sing in English because I want to sing in English, I did not forget my roots, and we left a touch of Spanish in it.




When I started Middle School at Lincoln my musical vocation had already manifested itself. Miss Wanamaker, middle school and high school music teacher, soon noticed that passion and guided me and facilitated my participation in all the school's musical activities. The first time I sang for a large audience was during the biggest event of the school: International Day, at the behest of Miss Wanamaker.

Ernestina at International Day 2022


What are your plans for the future?


“Amor Prohibido” is the first cut of a debut album that will develop with productions planned for different months. We are working on all the aspects that make up the installation and knowledge of a new artist in an already well-populated universe. I am 14 years old. I can do things well and with time. I plan to start composing my songs, always on the side of Latin pop and original pop.


How would you describe a Lincoln artist?


I think the best definition is to be an empowered, innovative, self-sufficient, risk-taking artist with ethics and understanding towards everyone, without distinction, with a strong commitment to the community, diversity, and the environment. A Lincoln artist is someone willing to share their passion, give their heart, and collaborate so that their art makes the world a little better. 



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