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Lincoln is the first certified Eco-School in Argentina


The Eco-Schools organization approved the certification process which began three years ago. Our students and staff developed a green platform with bike stations, recycling, rainwater collectors and much more. Learn how this community turned into an environment that works for a more sustainable future. 

“Our daily life creates an impact and makes the world a better, greener, and brighter place,” one of the students of the Eco Team announces, an important group of the Lincoln community. With the spirit of youth and passion for change, Lincoln became the first school to receive a Green Flag in Argentina. But, what is an eco-friendly institution in the first place? To understand that, it is essential to have a look at the daily life at Lincoln.

Lincoln is the first certified Eco-School in Argentina


A green environment for learning 

Students and teachers leave their bikes to start another day at the campus. As they walk along the path with small gardens and rainwater collectors, they pass by diverse plants, flowers and wildlife, such as iguanas and bugs. During a break, some go wander around the rich landscaping while others hurry to the solar panels that power the phone chargers near the High School Kiosk. 

When midday arrives, the cafeteria collaborates with the Eco Team members that assemble just beside the dining tables. The lunch area serves food with metal silverware, replacing plastic, and offers reusable beakers of water. And just beside, under the stairs, with walls of colorful bins and a proud eco flag, lays the Eco Station: a small corner with big promises to work towards a more sustainable community. 

There, everyone can recycle all kinds of items: organic, paper, plastic, metal, glass, bottles, batteries, cardboard, and dry markers. And not that far away, down the bridge, is the official Lincoln garden, where learners take care of the ecosystem, filling in composters and planting herbs and vegetables for the cafeteria. 

As the day comes to an end, the school bus arrives. To respect the Eco Team policy known as the Idling Bus Policy, those vehicles turn off their engines when they stand by. This way we reduce noise, air pollution, and venus gas mixtures. "This symbolizes a commitment that we, Lincoln, are stepping up as leaders in Argentina and the world," one student said after Lincoln received the Green Flag. 

Hear from the eco changers themselves and watch a Lincoln Eco Tour: 


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