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Lincoln is a member of SENIA: a movement towards inclusion


We joined the leading organization in the field of inclusive education. Lincoln will also participate in the SENIA International Virtual Conference.


 As a learning community, we commit to becoming an inclusive school to honor diversity and enhance our learner’s  world. That is why we joined the Special Education Needs & Inclusion Association (SENIA). To continue with our professional learning focus on curriculum and inclusion, we will participate in the SENIA International Virtual Conference again in 2022. 

It’s been a year since we first connected with this non-profit organization that guides schools towards inclusion and advocates for differently-abled students by offering support, resources, and education to learners and families.  In 2021 we partnered with SENIA International and hosted a professional learning conference to teach our faculty and staff about supporting inclusive school communities. 

Being a member of SENIA, a leader in the field of inclusive education at international schools, is a big step in our inclusion journey. “Lincoln commits to be an inclusive school, living the school mission to serve a diverse community whereby all stakeholders derive the benefit of an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and just community within the JEDI perspective that is encapsulated in the strategic plan,” Silvina López Fernandez, National Program Coordinator al Lincoln.

But, how are we embracing this big challenge? As always, we move as a community. 

What is inclusion for Lincoln?

“That's something that we build together as a Lincoln community. Our year-long exploration into JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) is designed to explore these important topics and intentionally design who we want to be now and in the future,” Renea Bartlett Pope, Director of Student Support Services. She adds: “We are a large community so we have to invite all stakeholders into the conversation. It's not just about a few people constructing that definition.”


Lincoln + SENIA = dream team


As a member of SENIA International, each one of us becomes a learner again. We join a group of members, all innovative international schools, to be part of the change. From the start, we wanted to learn through collaboration. That is why, in February, we hosted a Watch Party with 55 people from across the school ready to learn more about topics related to inclusion.

Being part of this Association brings many opportunities, like training sessions about inclusion, identity, socio-emotional learning, and mental health and well-being. “We also get access to recent research, experts in the field to provide professional learning, and consultative services to us as a school,” Renea says. “It's just a really great organization to be a part of,” she concludes.  

If you want to share exciting inclusive practices with the community, contact us! Let’s celebrate and grow together. 

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