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Lincoln educators honored for their Teaching Career


Three of our teachers received the award for 25 years of service.The distinction was granted by the Department of Education and Employment, with the district of Vicente López and DIEGEP.



Mariana Fernandez (P.E. High School Teacher), Silvia Mondria (P. E. Elementary School Teacher), and Myriam Bonnet (Spanish Elementary School Teacher) received a distinction for 25 years of Teaching. Over two decades as educators and counting. That is our teacher's style. 

On Wednesday, September 14, the Department of Education and Employment, with the district of Vicente López and Dirección de Educación de Gestión Privada (DIEGEP), invited teachers and principals from the public and private sectors to celebrate Teacher’s Day at the Vicente López University Center. Educators with 25 years of service and those with 50 years (already retired) received awards for their long careers.

Mariana, Silvia, and Myriam worked for the growth and development of our learners with admirable dedication and passion. Each of them not only shared with our community an immeasurable amount of hours encouraging our students but also built an unbreakable bond with all of us. We asked them about their experience as long-life teachers. 

What do you love most about working as an educator at Lincoln? 

Silvia Mondria: The best time I live daringly is to see students enjoy sports and feel the same passion I have for physical activity so that they continue to be active throughout their lives. The most beautiful experiences in Lincoln are the sports trips with students of 4-5 grade, where diversity, companionship, commitment, and sense of belonging make this institution unique. Once Condor always Condor!

Mariana Fernandez: So many years at Lincoln as significant and unforgettable moments, the day-to-day with the students and accompanying them in their achievements, the sports trips, the projects developed during Service Learning, the anecdotes with colleagues, and the respectful coexistence of cultural diversity. Lincoln is my second home.


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