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Lincoln celebrated the end of the school year 2021-2022!


We celebrated the promotion of Kinder 5, Elementary Students, and Middle Schoolers. Our learners are looking forward to embracing a new chapter in their lives. 

Lincoln end of year School celebration

As our School year comes to an end, we face the closure of eras and welcome new beginnings for all our students. Through the semesters, we witnessed the growth and maturity of Lincoln students. From Kinder 5 to High School, the accomplishments are outstanding. And what better way to congratulate them for all their effort than with memorable ceremonies!

In our school, you will find that you will be embraced for what makes you unique. - Dr. Becky Jobes, Elementary School principal.  


Kinder 5 move-up!

Every promotion is significant in a learner's life, no matter if it's just the beginning. And to our Kinder 5 students, their pass to Elementary School is an epic move up. Parents and teachers gathered to celebrate this important step in their lives. How? With adorable choreography from the students, a solo concert from a Kinder drummer, a dance parade from teachers, and a tasty feast for everyone. An evening full of laughs, applause, and cheers for what's to come.

Lincoln end of year School celebration

Starting Elementary School is a change that comes with new challenges and exciting opportunities. Through English and Spanish lessons, as well as inquiry and compassion, students are encouraged to expand their understanding of the world. Elementary School welcomes curiosity and the development of skills and resilience. “In our school, you will find that you will be embraced for what makes you unique, and you’ll also find many opportunities to connect with people around you who share commonalities,” Dr. Becky Jobes, our principal in Elementary School, comments.  

We empower them to develop into self-aware, confident, innovative and collaborative change-agents. - DR. Tracy Arnold, Middle School principal.


5th-grade students promotion

Our 5th-grade students attended their promotion ceremony to say goodbye to Elementary School. Emotional videos and speeches from teachers, medals to celebrate the efforts of students, cheers from proud parents, and a fun party to wrap it up! 

Lincoln end of year School celebration

After years of growth, learning, and good memories, it is time for our learners to take on a new road and become part of the vibrant environment of Middle School. In this new phase, they will be able to explore their identities and wonder nonstop. They will have the tools to work on skills that “empower them to develop into self-aware, confident, innovative and collaborative change-agents committed to honoring diversity and enhancing their world,” DR. Tracy Arnold, our Middle School principal, explains. 

Through reflection, collaborative tasks, and active learning, our middle schoolers can grow into independent and critical thinkers. We hope for a great beginning next semester! 

High Challenge – High Support. - Mr. David Redmond, High School principal. 


Welcome to High School! 

If there is a beginning to an end, High School seems like it. Our 8th-grade students finally finished Middle School and are ready to take a step into a new era at Lincoln. Parents and teachers joined us in a ceremony to celebrate this significant moment.

Lincoln end of year School celebration

What’s next for them? “Our approach may be characterized as one of High Challenge – High Support,” Mr. David Redmond, principal of our High School, says. New teachers, advanced courses, academic counseling, development of communication skills, social and emotional learning, self-management situations, and a goal-setting environment, as well as a large range of extracurricular activities.

It is a high-level learning experience, with more independence and a great opportunity to grow. Lots of change, but still with the never-ending support of Lincoln’s community.


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