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Learners express themselves through Lincoln Art Show


Climate change, equity, wildfire, and pollution. These are only some of the topics our students communicate through their art.

Lincoln Art Show 2022

The Art Show is always an opportunity for our learners to work on their abilities and express their vision and concerns. Overall, it is a chance to communicate what's on their minds. Every year we encourage parents and fellow learners to attend the Art Show and experience first-hand the growth and creativity of our communicators. 

From first through fifth grade, students work with an investigation book to document every step they take. “Students go through the creative cycle of investigating, planning, experimenting, creating, and reflecting,” Laura Klecker, Elementary Visual Arts Teacher at Lincoln, explains. 

On the 2022 Art Show edition, our learners did it all. Crayons, watercolors, mixed media, collage, 3D exhibitions, lego constructions, photography, sculptures, and even cave paintings. The topics also vary from imaginary scenarios to relevant issues such as climate change, wildfire, pollution, and the role of women in society.  

Whether it is an intimate portrait of the soul, a playful experiment, or a reflection of today's concerns, our learners are not afraid to express themselves. Hear them out in the following series of interviews:

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