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High School students become storytellers through their Art Exhibition


Grade 12 Visual Arts students curated an exhibition called A Gallery for Storytellers, as a grand finale of their two-year program. Get to know what inspired their artwork. 


Destruction, identity, nature, and stories. Those are some of the current topics of the art exhibition: A Gallery for Storytellers. At the end of March, four Visual Arts students from Grade 12 curated a presentation at school that represents the culmination of their two-year program and hard work.

To Sara Jacobs, High School Visual Arts Teacher at Lincoln, the starting point was the reflection of our learners. In other words, the expression of the inner self: “Ultimately they felt that as artists they were sharing their stories with the audience.”


What is called artist? The identity of our communicators 


Should we preserve certain aspects of life or focus on progressing into the future? Felicie tried to answer this question by exploring with pen, watercolor, and digital media. Architecture, nature, and identity are just her medium to depict “the juxtaposition of maturity and playfulness, familiarity and the unexplored, the past and the future, or the functional and aesthetic.”







Relationships are a topic in Arianna’s art: “ I focus on the impact of people and the environment on the development of an identity.” Her work, made with a pen, charcoal, and digital drawings, is inspired by contemporary artists like Keith Haring. “I really love fashion and exploring the elements that construct and have an impact on a person’s mood or feelings.”




Valeria also reflects on relationships, but on oneself. Specifically, self-destruction: “My exhibition aims to create an unbiased understanding towards choices, reasoning, and consequences.” Whether through the creation process or afterward, our artists poured their doubts and explored their interests to the fullest. 







Next to passions and identities, and in the heart of it all, are stories, which were the focus of Eugenie’s exhibition. “I have always been fascinated by stories and how they can shape the way I see things.” Through the style of an epic narrative, she portrayed a cohesive story with a primarily three-dimensional project, using clay and plaster gauze.


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