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Here at Lincoln, which is now an expanded campus that includes the homes of staff and student families, we understand that this is an unusual moment and that we are busier than ever as we adjust to the demands of this global challenge. Within this context, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day has special meaning for us and is something that we can all do, in our own way and right where we are. Among the countless opportunities for learning and innovation that this crisis offers, the staggering reduction of international travel, factory emissions and global pollution has given us all a chance to think about human impact on the planet and the reality that our decisions matter. We all make a difference. Every day.

This week, we have taken time to reflect on what we love about the earth, which animals and species we treasure and how we can help heal the world. We hope that you have enjoyed these activities. Researchers have demonstrated that spending time outside and in contact with nature is vital to our mental health and well-being. Many of the changes we can make to “live greener” can also help us to be happier and healthier. That’s certainly a cause for celebration!


Happy Earth Week to the Lincoln Community, far and wide, in houses and gardens, apartments and balconies. We all share one home, this planet. Let’s celebrate it together!

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