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5 Benefits of a Sensory Path at Lincoln


Lincoln created a Sensory Path in the atrium of the elementary school building. Learn how the stimulation of senses enhances well-being and academic development.   


Al Lincoln, we guide our learners to develop their full abilities and build resilience from the beginning of their education. This year, we created a Sensory Path in the atrium of our elementary school building to support their social-emotional well-being and go further in designing inclusive learning spaces. Now, we have even more experiential learning, open any time for students to stop by!

Our sensory path covers the floors and walls of the corridors with games of different colors and shapes. This dynamic and controlled environment allows our learners to jump, climb, and twist through some of the landscapes of Argentina. 

So, what do they learn? There are five benefits of our new sensory path.


1-Regulate sensory information


In Patagonia, our learners maneuver through whales and water steps that rush toward a tall and interactive lighthouse. Through balance and coordination, our learners may find a way to tap the red light at the very top! 


2-Build endurance 


The Andes mountains are perfect for some exercise! Students can burn energy while they climb to the top. This station involves movement and helps build endurance and muscle strength. There is also a giant colorful Condor, where learners can try to touch the feathers of the small bird above!  


3-Strengthen cognitive functions


Mesopotamia, here we go! Students explore and jump through the green, blue, and brown patterns on the floor. Like hopscotch, they analyze the possibilities, regulate their sensory input, and engage their motor skills. This game helps strengthen cognitive functions and stimulates the mind.


4-Develop teamwork


At the Buenos Aires station, our students pair up, follow the instructions on the floor, and dance tango! They practice teamwork, cooperation, and empathy. 

5- Share the Condor Spirit


The Obelisco is a station where our learners can position the Argentinian flag as high as they can. It’s a celebration of our community. As an international and diverse school in Argentina, we encourage each learner to embrace the local culture, to be proud of who they are, to advocate for inclusion, to promote equity and justice, and to share the strength of the Condor Spirit with the world. 


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