tuition & fees


The purpose of this form is to obtain your billing information. Please note that for the person whom the invoice will be made to, a national document is required (CDI, CUIL or DNI, or a CUIT number if invoiced to the company) If you have any questions on this please contact Florencia Lazorenco, our Billing Analyst, at 


Regular Bus

Regular school bus fees  are billed per month or per semester, in pesos.

ROUTE Per Month AR$  Per Semester AR$ 
  Vte. López - Acassuso $     28.000 $   140.000
San Isidro, San Isidro Chico, Boating, Béccar, Bahía del Sol $     36.000 $   180.000
Buenos Aires City up to the Sheraton Hotel $     36.000 $   180.000
Nordelta (most barrios gates) $     40.000 $   200.000
Puerto Madero $     40.000 $   200.000


After School Activities Bus

The After School Activities Bus is billed once per child during the duration of the activity of choice. 

Per semester AR$
South Area/North Area  $     60.000