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Please find below some important information that will prepare you for our school. In addition, we ask that you please review our list of requirements and submit what is needed to us before beginning classes.



Wednesday February 1st, 2023

This is an important time for you to meet our Superintendent, Dr. Nada Collins, our Principals, Counselors and other members of our school community, understand our health and safety protocols, as well as to become familiar with our programs, obtain useful information, make arrangements for transportation, cafeteria, after school activities, and finalize any remaining paperwork needed.

Please note the following times:

  • 11AM-1PM
    Middle and High School (grades 6 to 12)  students will be invited to complete assessments on campus.  They will receive invitations directly from the school counselors.  Parents may drop off their children and come back @ 1:00 pm.
  • 1PM
    new middle and high school students will eat lunch with our student ambassadors.
  • 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
    We will have our fair in the Auditorium, with stations with useful information: documentation, services (bus/lunch), PAL (Parents at Lincoln), ES uniforms, Health, Technology department (DOIT), After school activities, Communications (pictures taken) Please stop by! 
  • 2PM
    Middle and High School will host their welcome sessions for families (parents and students):
    • HS (grades 9 to 12) : HS Aula Magna
    • MS (grades 6 to 8) : MS/HS Library
  • 3PM
    Whole School welcome session (Auditorium).  Elementary students (Kinder 4 to grade 5) will have a very brief welcome and then be taken on a tour and to homerooms.
  • 3:15PM
    Elementary School (Kinder 4 to grade 5) welcome session (Auditorium). 



Students transferring to Lincoln in grades 8-12 from countries without educational agreements with Argentina, will be given “equivalency” studies  in Spanish language. The equivalency studies, in conjunction with the required coursework in the Lincoln curriculum,  are designed to enable even beginning Spanish students to reach the minimum level of Spanish language proficiency necessary for the Argentine diploma (Bachillerato). The equivalency studies will be administered through the Spanish Department.  Award of the Bachillerato is contingent on successful completion of the equivalency studies. 

MS/HS placement tests 

Please note that some new students in HS or MS may need to take placement tests (English / Spanish or Math). The divisional counseling secretaries, Yolanda Vitsentzos (HS) or Carolina Nicolini (MS) will be reaching out to schedule them if required.

  • Yolanda Vitsentzos: 
  • Carolina Nicolini: 



Please remember you need to submit the updated health forms for this school year, which include:

Medical Certificate

Signed by a doctor licensed in Argentina. It is mandatory for the first day of school.
Note: New students arriving from abroad may submit the medical health certificate from a doctor not certified in Argentina. However, they must submit the updated certificate completed by a doctor licensed in Argentina within the first month of attendance at Lincoln.

Medical certificate

Dental Certificate

To be completed by the dentist.


DENTAL certificate

These forms are valid for 1 year. If you already submitted them in the past months, there is no need to do it again.

Also, please make sure you complete the Lincoln Health Information form in PowerSchool, and submit there a copy of your child's vaccination record including the Covid shot if he/she received it.




It is time for our annual school-wide Summer Reading Bingo! In the elementary school, bingo sheets went home this week. You may also find it here. All students in grades 6-9 visited the library this week to get details and borrow books. The MS bingo sheets are available here as well as through their English class Schoology page. High school student cards are available here and also through their Schoology English class page.  

Don’t forget that SORA is a way to get e and audio books as well as magazines from any where on the planet!



pal tour

Welcome to our amazing community!

Parents at Lincoln (PAL) is the volunteer organization of parents of our community .  As Parents and Guardians you are already members of this busy and engaging organization. By attending  our meetings, joining a committee, taking one of our tours or collaborating with an event, you will meet fellow parents and contribute to the larger Lincoln community.  

To find out more about the volunteer opportunities at Lincoln, click the button below to access the  PAL section on the Lincoln website. Should you wish to contact anyone with questions, you will find their details under the PAL Roster tab online. Be sure to look in The Flying Condor (the school's newsletter) online  for dates of PAL meetings and Info Talks lecture series. To learn more about PAL click below:



Please keep in mind to update your contact information by emailing 

Our school newsletter, The Flying Condor, comes out every Friday and is emailed to all parents through the Communications Office. It contains weekly letters from our Principals and other school leaders about events taking place or coming up, important notices and great photos of Lincoln in action. 

Claudia Pacha,
Admissions Registrar

4851-1700 ext. 109