OUr mission

We inspire and challenge all of our learners 
to be kind and ethical members of a global community. 
We empower them to develop into 
self-aware, confident, innovative, and collaborative change-agents committed to honoring

diversity and enhancing their world.

definition of learning

Learning is the intentional process of making sense of the world through exploration, expression, and reflection. The journey of life-long learning is transformative, inspires action, and opens new pathways.

core values

Middle school student discusses topic with his teacher in the library

We are … 

  • Open

  • Fair

  • Reflective

  • Compassionate

  • Resilient

  • Committed to Integrity

belief statements

We believe our community is at its best when we:

  • Respect and care for ourselves and others;

  • Learn with joy and purpose;

  • Place inquiry at the center of our learning;
  • Create opportunities for individual growth and reflection;
  • Instill cultural competence;
  • Make socially and globally responsible choices, and
  • Honor our environment, reduce our footprint and act sustainably.
Parent student teacher meeting



In February 2020, Lincoln’s Board of Governors initiated a Strategic Planning process with the intention of creating a new mission relevant for the evolving needs of students and developing the right organizational goals that would build a stronger, more cohesive school, better prepared for a new future. With information gathered from the community, the outcome was a strategic plan framework with clearly defined strategic objectives and clarity around the focus needed over the next years, to build a pathway towards our new school mission.
Soon after the Strategic Plan retreat, the COVID-19 global pandemic spread across the globe. As we consider everything we have learned before and during the pandemic, our desire for transformation has become stronger, and we have more clarity about shifting towards contemporary practices that are more relevant and inclusive, while becoming more cohesive and coherent as an educational organization. The opportunities before us are compelling and significant. The Lincoln community continues to convey a unique spirit of resilience and we know we are capable of the grand and beautiful work of continuous transformation.
Below are the four Strategic Objectives that are underway at Lincoln. We have defined specific End Results for each Strategic Objective as well as a series of action steps. During the past years, despite the complex challenges that we faced during the pandemic, we have made steady progress and we are on track towards these objectives. 

strategic objectives

Strategic Objectives are broad, complex, and substantial areas for attention over the next 3 years. Each Strategic Objective is broken down into specific End Results, which need to be addressed in order to achieve the Strategic Objectives.