All application papers must be received & acknowledged by the Admissions Registrar for the student to be formally considered for admission. Upon acceptance, payment of a non-refundable Acceptance Fee of U$S 1000 will guarantee the student’s placement & be discounted from the initial school invoice. Priority admission deadlines are May 1 for 1st semester & Dec. 1 for second semester.

**The Priority Application deadline for August admission is May 1st. Please submit the complete application for admission as soon as possible.  We are anticipating a waiting list in several grade levels!

Please contact the admissions registrar about any doubts:


Claudia Pacha

Tel: (54)(11) 4851-1700 ext. 109
Fax: (54)(11) 4851-1700 ext. 108
Asociación Escuelas Lincoln
Andrés Ferreyra 4073
B1637 AOS La Lucila, Buenos Aires, Argentina





Placement criteria at all levels are in alignment with our national and international accrediting agencies.

  1. K4 & K5 (NIVEL INICIAL).  Placement is based on age as of September 30.
  2. Grades 1-6 (NIVEL PRIMARIO). The most important consideration for placement is age as of Sept. 30.  The last grade level completed is also taken into account.  Our expectation is that students will complete a minimum of 1 year at each grade level.   
  3. Grades 7-12 (NIVEL SECUNDARIO). For students transferring at the beginning of the AEL school year, placement is based on the last grade level completed. Our expectation is that students will complete a minimum of 1 year at each grade level.
  4. Grades 8-12 Only.  Students transferring from a country without an educational agreement with Argentina may need to make up some of the topics in literature, history, and geography  required in Argentine Secundaria beginning in grade 7. Although some work outside regular classes may be necessary, these “equivalency” studies will be administered by Spanish teachers and integrated as far as possible in the regular Spanish classes.


  1.     K4 – Grade 12
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport or DNI
  • Dental, health, & vaccination certificates
  • Additional information requested on AEL Admission Forms
  1.     Grades 2-12 Only
  • A transcript in English and a transcript in Spanish.  If neither the English or Spanish is an original, an original transcript must be provided.  All translations must be official.
  1.     Grades 8-12 Only
  • A transcript with an Apostille of The Hague, OR ALL THE FOLLOWING:
  1. Certification by an Argentine Consulate in the country where the previous school is located
  2. Certification by the Argentine Foreign Ministry
  3. Legalization by the Argentine Ministry of Interior