jeffWelcome to Lincoln Middle School. Our middle school is a special place that provides a transition from elementary school to high school, by putting an emphasis on meeting the unique needs of students 11 to 14 years old.

Lincoln’s middle school has an outstanding group of educators who are devoted to excellence in the classroom.  This educational excellence is achieved by providing a broad-based curriculum enhanced with opportunities for exploration, creative thinking and life skills development.
The middle school program is divided into Core Program (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Lengua, Est. Sociales) and Specialist Programs (Art, Drama, Health, Computers, Band, Choir, Physical Education) enhanced by an activities program where students have opportunities to participate in athletics, sports, clubs, student council and community sponsored activities.

The middle school also supports students with limited English through the English as a Second Language (ESL) and students with learning difficulties through the Learning Center.

Jeff Voracek

Middle School Principal
Email: jeff.voracek@lincoln.edu.ar