Master Facilities Plan

We are excited to share plans for upgrading Lincoln’s campus.
Our school is known for its academic excellence, innovative teaching, and welcoming spirit.
Our goal is to match 21st century teaching with world-class facilities that inspire students to become the next generation of creative and critical thinkers.

The first stage focused on much-needed upgrades to two common areas: the swimming pool and cafeteria. The pool upgrade was completed in October 2017, while the cafeteria upgrade will begin during the December 2017 – January 2018 vacation.

2018 will see the building of a brand-new Elementary School, a new Elementary playground, and school entrance plaza.


With so much innovative teaching happening inside Lincoln classrooms, the Board decided it was time to invest to create a more modern, sustainable environment for 21st century learning. In 2016 we surveyed the community’s opinions on their priorities, and sought advice from a world-renowned architectural firm, CSDA, to develop a Master Facilities Plan. This plan is ambitious and transformative. It is designed to be implemented in stages, allowing Lincoln to evolve over time.

We are truly excited about beginning this transformation. It will take tremendous team work between our administration, teachers, parents, and students. While change and construction will require everyone’s understanding and patience, we sincerely hope you share our excitement as we make Lincoln a more enjoyable and inspiring campus.


Lincoln’s 8.5 hectare (21acre) campus is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood, on the banks of the Rio de la Plata just 20 minutes north of the city.