Lincoln Lens HS Newspaper

Lincoln Lens is the newspaper of High School of Lincoln School in Buenos Aires Argentina. The newspaper is mainly run by 5 students, two of them are editors and the other three are writers. We started in September 2016 and since then we have been covering everything from small anecdotes to extensive articles about school and local events.

Our goal is to provide a space in which students that enjoy writing can do so and also a space in which the Lincoln community can be informed of whats going on in our school and its surroundings. Sometimes our writers will interview someone or review anything from books to videogames. We also encourage the students from Lincoln to summit any writing made in class that they are willing to publish so we can also have a cultural section.

We really hope you enjoy our news paper and find it useful. We will really appreciate if you could spread the word. See you next week for some great articles!