The Lincoln Counselors promote learning and personal growth by offering a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, and an accessible student centered counseling program for members of the Lincoln community.

Lincoln Counseling Beliefs

The Lincoln comprehensive counseling program:

  • Compliments and enhances the school program
  • Should be available to all students and Lincoln community members
  • Addresses academic, career, personal/social needs of all students

The counselors at Lincoln believe that all students:

  • Should feel safe , supported, and accepted
  • Contribute to the school community
  • Develop the ability to produce solutions to their own problems
  • Are capable of change & growth

All Lincoln counselors:

  • Are student focused
  • Work as a professional learning community
  • Are available to collaborate with students, parents, teachers, and administrators
  • Should have access to current resources & Professional Development
  • Participate in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating the comprehensive school counseling program using the ASCA National Model
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Jessica Lawrence
High School Counselor

Ms Lawrence considers the Boston area “home” and prior to moving overseas worked as a teacher as well as in college admissions for two universities. Ms Lawrence has worked internationally for 10 years in the UAE, China, Ethiopia, Ghana and now Argentina. She has been and is actively involved in professional organizations through membership and is committed to international education. Ms. Lawrence is very excited to be part of the Lincoln School community and is looking forward to new adventures in South America. Please stop by to say hello!

Email: Jessica.lawrence@lincoln.edu.ar


Marie Beaupre
High School Counselor

Ms Beaupre is delighted to return to South America after several years in Asia and the Mediterranean. She was originally an English teacher from the Chicago area before going to jobs in Brazil and Venezuela. Her counseling experience includes all grade levels, but mainly high school, where she feels most comfortable. In June and July, she calls Michigan home. Please come by her office to say hi, hola, or oi!
Email: Marie.Beaupre@lincoln.edu.ar








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