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Letter from Michael Martell 2/23/2018

Dear Parents,

We capped off a tremendous week of learning with our second annual Students Present Educational Activities for Knowledge (SPEAK) conference today.  It was a remarkable day of students (45 groups!) and teachers presenting topics of passion to our community.  There were artists and activities, philosophers and gamers, programming, bands, dancers, chefs, and several high powered “fishbowl” discussions.

As a community we understand that the highest levels of learning happen when we have the opportunity to present, share, and celebrate in such an authentic context as SPEAK.  It was interesting to see end energy as students presented solo, in small groups, and along side teachers.  Speakers held themselves to an extremely high standard, and a great time was had by all.  As in most of our school events, there was a core group involved in pulling this day’s activities together, and I wanted to thank them one and all.  I also want to commend our superstar students and staff for amazing presentations and engaging interactions!  And now the big question…How do we make the learning that happened in SPEAK and everyday event??

While our teachers and grade 4-12 students were engaged in a high powered day of learning, we want to send out a sincere thank you to ECE and lower elementary parents for your support in working with your children at home on Friday.  As teachers, we know this is a big ask for parents and greatly appreciate your support!  This year was the first time we included upper elementary.  Let’s see what next year brings!

Michael Martell



Estimados Padres,

Hemos culminado una tremenda semana de aprendizaje mediante nuestra segunda conferencia anual SPEAK (Students Present Educational Activities for Knowledge) de hoy. Fue una notable jornada de alumnos (¡45 grupos!) y profesores presentando temas que apasionan a nuestra comunidad. Hubo artistas y actividades, filósofos y gamers, programadores, bandas en vivo, bailarines, chefs y varias discusiones del tipo “fishbowl” de alto contenido.

Como comunidad entendemos que los niveles más altos de aprendizaje suceden cuando tenemos la oportunidad de presentar y compartir en un ambiente tan auténtico como SPEAK. Fue muy interesante ver la energía que había en el ambiente mientras los alumnos presentaban por su cuenta, en pequeños grupos y en conjunto con sus profesores. Los oradores se expusieron a un nivel extremadamente alto de calidad, y todos pasaron un gran momento mientras lo hacían. Como en la mayoría de nuestros eventos, hubo un grupo central involucrado en unir las actividades de este día, y quería agradecerles a todos ellos. ¡Quiero felicitar también a nuestros estudiantes y personal estrella por sus increíbles presentaciones e interacciones tan atractivas! Y ahora la gran pregunta… ¿cómo logramos que el aprendizaje que sucedió en el SPEAK sea algo de todos los días?

Mientras nuestros profesores y alumnos de los años 4-12 estaban involucrados en un día de alto nivel de aprendizaje, queremos enviar un agradecimiento sincero a ECE y a los padres de los primeros niveles de la escuela primaria por su apoyo en trabajar con sus hijos desde sus casas este viernes. Como profesores sabemos que este es un gran pedido para los padres, ¡y agradecemos enormemente su apoyo! Este año fue el primero que hemos incluido la primaria superior. ¡Veamos qué nos trae el año que viene!

Michael Martell


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Letter from Michael Martell

Dear Parents,

It’s been a stop-and-go start since the beginning of the classes in February, but in walking the halls this past week, classes are operating at full speed.  Students and teachers returned from the break with batteries fully charged, and look to be picking up right where they left off in mid-December.  There is always a sense of rejuvenation as we look towards achieving our annual goals, and begin planning for the next school year.

One of the first major events on the near horizon is our Students Presenting Educational Activities for Knowledge (SPEAK) conference that will take place next Friday 23rd.  As many of you know from last year, SPEAK is conference where students, teachers, and parents are invited to create and present workshops based on their passion.  Of the 80 workshops developed last year, over 60 were completely student-led.  We hope to build on last year’s program by adding grades 4-5 from the elementary into the mix.  It promises to be a day where our community can share and celebrate learning.

I will close this week by letting you all know that we have finished the bulk of our hiring for the 2018-19 school year.  Our hiring process begins in early October and requires a great amount of time and energy to track down those top candidates.  It’s been a collaborative process and I want to applaud staff members and administrators for all those early morning, late night, and in-between skype interviews.  It looks like they’ve uncovered some real gems!  Below you will find a brief bio for our new faculty.  They are an impressive bunch to continue the great work of their departing colleagues.


Michael Martell



New Faculty Bios – 2018-19
Name: Carla Abrams
Position: MS Counselor
Bio: My name is Carla Abrams and I am excited about moving to Bs. As. to become the Middle School Counselor.  I am originally from Port Hope, Canada. I have a Master in Education from the University of Toronto. I am currently the MIddle School Counselor at the Singapore American School.  I have also served as MS Counselor in two other school, the American school of The Hague and at the International School of Manila

Name: Brooke Borsenne
Position: Learning Support Leader
Bio: I am an american from New York City and I will be working in the Elementary School as a Learning Support Leader. I have a Masters in Special Education from Hunter College.  I have a daughter Rachelle who is 20 years old and I look forward to living in Buenos Aires and being a part of the Lincoln Community.

Name: Camille Dolmont
Position: HS Biology
Bio: I have been a science teacher for 11 years and I am originally from Edmonton, Canada. I have a Master Of Arts, Environmental Education and Communication from the Royal Roads University. My husband Matthew and I have been at the International School of Phnom Penh for the last 6 years and we are looking forward to moving to Buenos Aires this year.   I enjoy taking on large projects related to environmental and community service initiatives and look forward to my time at Lincoln.

Name: Matthew Dolmont
Position:Technology and Innovation
Bio: I am from Canada and look forward to working in Technology and Innovation at Lincoln.  I have a Masters in Education and iNformation Technology. I currently work at the International School of Phnom Penh along with my wife Camille. I have also been a Technology Instructor at the College of North Atlantic in Qatar and  have organized many technology related extracurricular events focused on Technology including a National Robotics Olympiad.

Name: Christa Eleftherakis
Position: MS & HS Drama
Bio:  I am an american, from New Hamshire, USA and have been a Drama teacher for over 8 years. I am currently working on my PhD in Intercultural Theatre in International Education at the University of Hawaii.  I  have worked at schools in Venezuela, China and Kuwait.  I am currently living in Hawaii, and look forward to venturing out internationally once again.  I have experience in IB Theater, event planning and integrating Arts with Technology.  I look forward to my new position at Lincoln.

Name: David Fitzgerald
Position: HS Physics
Bio: I am from Anaheim, California and I have been a science teacher for over 10 years, having worked mainly in California.  I have a Masters in Education from National University. I recently travelled to Argentina and have enjoyed exploring Buenos Aires.  I look forward to living in Buenos Aires and working at Lincoln. I have also served as a Dean of students and my interest in the education field also extend to Leadership and Character Development as well as Ethics Education.

Name: Leilani Greene
Position: Grade 2
Bio: I am a 2nd grade teacher from California. I have a Master in Education from Lipscomb University.  I am currently living in  Eritrea, Africa where I have taught 2nd grade for the last two years.  I have also lived in Sri Lanka, Somalia as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher. I look forward to joining Lincoln Elementary School this August and living in Buenos Aires.

Name: Jesica Giusti
Position: ES Spanish
Bio: I am an argentine spanish teacher with 10 years experience.  Prior to Lincoln I worked at St. Andrew’s Scots School for 5 years.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the Universidad Abierta Interamericana.  I also have experience teaching English and Science and have coordinated projects in these fields.  I am very excited about being a part of the Lincoln team.

Name: Heather Onderick
Position: Learning Coach
Bio: I am originally from Tulsa Oklahoma and I currently live in Kuala Lumpur with my husband and 7 month old son.  I have been an Elementary teacher for 10 years and a Learning Specialist and Subject Area Leader for the past 7 years.  I have a Masters in Education and look forward to moving to Bs. As. and my role as Learning Coach at Lincoln.

Name: Perry Towstick
Position: HS Chemistry
Bio: I am an american Science teacher from Denver, Colorado.  I have over 20 years experience as a Science teacher and I have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado.  This is not my first time in Latin America, as I have taught in Costa Rica and Bolivia as well as the Dominican Republic. My son Trenton and I are excited to start our new adventure in Buenos Aires.


Queridos padres,

Ha sido un proceso lleno de pausas desde el comienzo de las clases en febrero, pero al caminar por los pasillos esta semana, las clases están funcionando a toda velocidad. Los estudiantes y los profesores regresaron del descanso con las baterías cargadas por completo, y parecen estar retomando justo donde lo dejaron a mediados de diciembre. Siempre hay una sensación de rejuvenecimiento al mirar hacia el logro de nuestras metas anuales, y comenzar a planificar para el próximo año escolar.

Uno de los eventos importantes en el horizonte cercano es nuestra conferencia Estudiantes que Presentan Actividades Educativas para el Conocimiento (SPEAK) que tendrá lugar el próximo viernes 23 de abril. Como muchos de ustedes saben del año pasado, SPEAK es una conferencia en la que se invita a los estudiantes, maestros y padres a crear y presentar talleres basados ​​en su pasión. De los 80 talleres desarrollados el año pasado, más de 60 fueron completamente dirigidos por estudiantes. Esperamos construir sobre el programa del año pasado al agregar los grados 4-5 de la primaria a la mezcla. Promete ser un día donde nuestra comunidad pueda compartir y celebrar el aprendizaje.

Cierro esta semana informándoles que hemos terminado la mayor parte de nuestras contrataciones para el año escolar 2018-19. Nuestro proceso de contratación comienza a principios de octubre y requiere una gran cantidad de tiempo y energía para rastrear a los mejores candidatos. Ha sido un proceso colaborativo y quiero aplaudir a los miembros del personal y a los administradores por todas esas entrevistas por la mañana temprano, a última hora de la noche y entre ellos. ¡Parece que han descubierto algunas gemas! A continuación encontrará una breve biografía de nuestros nuevos docentes. Son un grupo impresionante para continuar el gran trabajo de sus colegas que se van.


Michael Martell




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WOW – Week of Online Wellness

As you might already know next week (Feb. 19th to Feb.22nd) we will be hosting “WOW – Week of Online Wellness” at Lincoln. This is a combined project between Wellness Team, Tech Team, Counselors and Admin Team.

The goal of the week is to understand how to ethically use technology to shape a more socially, just and sustainable future, and increase awareness of online safety in relation to one’s mental, physical and emotional well-being.

The week will involve Grade 3 to 12 students and there will be activities and topics everyday including an ONLINE opening (Monday 8:02 AM) and closing ceremony Raffle (during SPEAK Closing)

#AELwow and #AELincoln will be the Hashtags we will use.

On Friday we will be doing a RAFFLE during SPEAK closing ceremony between all the students that fill in the daily form. Only the ones that did fill the form everyday will be participating in the raffle.


Como ya sabrán la próxima semana (del 19 al 22 de febrero), organizaremos “WOW – Week of Online Wellness” en Lincoln. Este es un proyecto combinado entre Wellness Team, Tech Team, Counselors y Admin Team.

El objetivo de la semana es comprender cómo utilizar éticamente la tecnología para dar forma a un futuro más social, justo y sostenible, y aumentar la conciencia de la seguridad en línea en relación con el bienestar mental, físico y emocional.

La semana involucrará a los estudiantes de 3 ° a 12 ° grado y habrá actividades y temas todos los días, incluida una apertura EN LÍNEA (lunes 8:02 AM) y una ceremonia de clausura de la rifa (durante el cierre de SPEAK)

#AELwow y #AELincoln serán los Hashtags que usaremos.

El viernes realizaremos un SORTEO durante la ceremonia de clausura de SPEAK entre todos los estudiantes que completen el formulario diario. Solo los que completaron el formulario todos los días estarán participando en la rifa.


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New England Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation

Dear Lincoln,

As you may already know, we received the New England Association of Colleges and Schools report following a visit by a 10-person team of experts who went over the school with a fine-tooth comb and affirmed all the wonderful work that our community has done. Proudly, we were awarded re-accreditation in NEASC.

On February 27th, we will communicate a summary of the report at the PAL coffee morning. In the following weeks, we will make a distillation of all the commendations and recommendations by the visiting team as well as a link to the full report available to the Lincoln community. In the meantime, here is the link to the letter which accompanied the report.



Thank you, always, for your support in helping us in this very important task of continuing school improvement.

Stacy Wallace & Gregory Hines
School Improvement Team Co-Chairs

Querida comunidad de Lincoln:

Como ya sabrán, recibimos el informe de la  New England Association of Colleges and Schools luego de la visita de un equipo de diez expertos que observaron la escuela con lupa y afirmaron todo el trabajo maravilloso que nuestra comunidad ha realizado. Orgullosamente, nos otorgaron una nueva acreditación en NEASC.

El 27 de febrero comunicaremos un resumen del informe en la mañana de café PAL. En las próximas semanas, compartiremos los elogios y recomendaciones del equipo visitante, así como un enlace al informe completo disponible para la comunidad de Lincoln. Mientras tanto, aquí está el enlace a la carta que acompañó el informe.

Gracias, siempre, por su apoyo para ayudarnos en esta importante tarea de continuar mejorando la escuela.

Stacy Wallace & Gregory Hines
Co-responsables del Equipo de Mejora Escolar

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Student Directory

The Semester 2 2017-18 School-wide Student Directory will be EMAILED on Friday, February 23rd. The Directory will reflect the information we have in our school-wide database: home telephone number, parents’ names, their email addresses and cell phone numbers.

Please take a moment to update your personal information including emergency contacts and email addresses by calling us at ext. 100 or 109, or by sending me an email.

If you do not want your phone numbers or emails included in the Student Directory, you must advise the Admissions Office by Wednesday, February 21st by email at

Thank you!

El Directorio Telefónico del Semestre 2 2017-18 se enviará por EMAIL el viernes 23 de febrero. El Directorio reflejará la información que tenemos en nuestra base de datos: teléfono particular, nombre de los padres, sus direcciones de email y números de celular.

Por favor, actualice sus datos incluyendo contactos de emergencia, llamándonos al interno 100 ó 109 ó enviándome un email. 

Si Ud. no desea incluir sus números de teléfono o emails en el Directorio, debe avisar a la Oficina de Admisiones antes del miércoles 21 de febrero por email a 

Muchas gracias!

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Letter from Mike Martell

Dear Parents,

Feliz Año Nuevo, and welcome back to the second half of our school year.  I hope you’re all tan, rested, and ready for the great things to come here at Lincoln!  Over the break, while enjoying several glorious days of fishing in the San Martin de los Andes area, I had a chance to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished in the first half year…and the list is quite impressive.

In working towards our “one school, one curriculum” goal, we’ve made great progress in building a common language of learning across the divisions.  This common language allows us all to talk in a very precise manner about the types of learning (Conceptual, Competency, and Character) taking place in the classroom.

Much energy went into our accreditation self study which culminated in an “inspection” from a 10-person team from the New England Association of Colleges and Schools.  We received the visiting team’s report the last week in December reaffirming the great self study work done by our teachers over the past year and a half.  I will share the results with the community at the PAL InfoTalk on Feb 27.  The full report will also be available on our website for your perusal.

On top of the curricular work, our Operations Team undertook several major facilities reparation/improvement projects.  One of the more noticeable was the complete refurbishing of our cafeteria.  Congratulations to our Operations Team who completed the project in 41 days with high quality work, on time, under budget, and with zero safety incidents.

During the second semester we will continue to work on our all-school goal in looking for ways to individualize and improve our program, and further support your child.  Through the combined efforts of our dedicated staff, supportive community, and the hard working PAL group, we will work together to ensure our students’ ability to access the world-class education that Lincoln has to offer.

Once again, a warm welcome back as we look forward to another fantastic semester here in the home of the Mighty Condors.

Michael Martell


Estimados padres: 

¡Feliz año nuevo! Bienvenidos al segundo semestre de nuestro año escolar.  Espero que estén bronceados, descansados, y listos para los las cosas grandiosas que están por suceder en Lincoln. Durante las vacaciones, disfrutando días gloriosos de pesca en San Martín de los Andes, tuve la oportunidad de reflexionar sobre todo lo logrado en la primera mitad del año escolar… y la lista es bastante impresionante.

Tajando hacia el objetivo de “una escuela, un curriculum”, logramos un gran progreso en desarrollar un lenguaje de aprendizaje común en cada aula.  Este lenguaje común nos permite hablar de manera precisa sobre los tipos de aprendizaje (Conceptual, De Competencias y de Carácter) que se desarrollan en el aula.

Pusimos mucha energía en nuestro propio diagnóstico de acreditación, el cual culminó con la “inspeccion”, realizada por 10 personas de la New England Association of Colleges and Schools. La última semana de diciembre recibimos el informe de la asociación reafirmando el gran trabajo de diagnóstico realizado por nuestros maestros durante el último año y medio. Voy a compartir los resultados con la comunidad en la charla informativa de PAL el 27 de febrero. El informe completo estará disponible en nuestro sitio web para su lectura.

Además de nuestro trabajo curricular, nuestro equipo de Operaciones emprendió un projecto de reparación y mejora de las instalaciones. El más visible ha sido la completa remodelación de nuestra cafetería. Felicitaciones a nuestro equipo de Operaciones quienes completaron el projecto en 41 días, con un gran nivel de calidad, a tiempo, dentro del presupuesto y sin incidentes de seguridad.

Durante el segundo semestre seguiremos trabajando en nuestro objetivo común de individualizar y mejorar nuestro programa, y apoyar aún más a sus hijos. A través de los esfuerzos de nuestro dedicado personal, el apoyo de nuestra comunidad y el trabajo duro de nuestro grupo PAL, seguiremos trabajando para garantizar que nuestros estudiantes tengan acceso a la educación de nivel mundial que ofrece Lincoln.

Nuevamente, una calida bienvenida y esperamos con entuciasmo otro fantastico semestre en la casa de los poderosos condores.

Michael Martell


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Salidas anticipadas de los alumnos

Queridas familias,

Quisiéramos informarles sobre un cambio que la institución necesita realizar con relación a las salidas anticipadas de los alumnos. Dicho cambio, es necesario para cumplir con las normativas vigentes del Ministerio de Educación de la Provincia de Buenos Aires y reforzar la seguridad de nuestros alumnos. Cuando hablamos de salidas anticipadas estamos refiriéndonos a las que se realizan durante el horario escolar, después de las 7:45 y antes de las 3:30.

A partir de febrero de 2018,  cuando un alumno deba retirarse del colegio antes de las 3:30, deberá hacerlo SIEMPRE acompañado de un adulto (padre, madre, familiar, chofer, etc), quien deberá firmar el retiro anticipado en una planilla que le será presentada por el guardia en ambas puertas. De no ser alguno de los padres quien retire al alumno,  previamente deberán  enviar un correo electrónico a la secretaria informando sobre la salida y aclarando con qué adulto se va a retirar. En el correo deben constar los datos de ese adulto como el nombre completo y el número de documento.

Actualmente hay en la escuela secundaria algunos alumnos menores de 18 años que vienen al colegio manejando. En esos casos, si el alumno tiene que retirarse del colegio anticipadamente, el procedimiento que debe seguir es el mismo expuesto anteriormente.  Los alumnos de 17 años o menos no podrán salir del colegio sin un adulto a pesar de que hayan venido manejando su auto.

Los alumnos que tienen 18 años o más son considerados legalmente responsables por sus acciones en la Argentina. Esos alumnos podrán retirarse del colegio sin compañía de otro adulto siempre y cuando hayamos recibido una comunicación enviada por los padres sobre los motivos de la salida anticipada.

Si el adulto que retira al niño es el chofer de un remís y la familia no posee su nombre y número de documento, en el correo enviado al colegio deberá consignar el nombre de la agencia de remises.

Muchas gracias por su apoyo y colaboración para llevar adelante este cambio que busca el beneficio de nuestros alumnos.

Andrea Rodrigues
Directora de Programas Nacionales


Dear families,

We would like to inform you about a change that the school needs to make regarding students’ early dismissal. At Lincoln we consider an early dismissal when a student leaves the campus before 3:30 p.m. due to sickness or appointments that must take place during school hours. The reasons for this adjustment in our procedures are to meet the requirements from the Ministry of Education and to ensure student safety & security.

Students will not be able to leave campus by themselves or with younger siblings during the school day. When a student must leave the school before 3:30, parents are required to send an e-mail to the division secretary indicating information about the adult who is authorized to get son/daughter such as complete name, document number and the purpose of the early departure. There will be a form at the school´s gates for the adults to complete when leaving school with the student. The information you will give in the form will be: name of the adult, ID number, name of the student, grade level, date, time and signature. Parents taking students during the school day will also be required to complete the gate´s form.

Currently, we have a small number of high school students who are younger than 18 years and are driving to school.  In cases where these students need to leave campus early, the requirement of parent supervision to leave campus remains according to the explanation above.  Students who are 17 yrs. or younger will not be permitted to leave campus without an adult, regardless of whether they are driving private cars to school.

Students who are 18 yrs. and older are considered legal adults in Argentina.  These students may leave campus without parent supervision once we have received communication from the parents about sickness or appointments that must take place during school hours.

If the adult who comes to get the student is from a remis agency and the parents can not provide the driver’s name and document, they must at least report the name of the agency.

Thank you for your support and collaboration regarding this change that is meant to benefit our students.

Andrea Rodrigues

Head of National Programs

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