Lunch Service 




AEL has a spacious area to provide an ideal environment for Lincoln community to enjoy their Lunch time.

We believe that our student’s diet is one of the principal foundations for their health and proper development.  This is why we have created a team conformed of nutritionists, teachers, Wellness Center and supervisors.  Our team’s main goal is to educate students to eat in a varied and healthy manner from an early age.  Taking into account that your child spends an average of 8 to 10 hours in school, studying and practicing sports, a healthy diet is highly important.

The Lunch Service is provided by COOK’S, a cafeteria service company,  which is dedicated almost totally to School Cafeterias.  Their experience, dedication and vocation makes COOK’S AEL’s choice to provide the Cafeteria Lunch Service.

Please feel welcome to enroll in the Cafeteria Lunch Service by clicking on the “How To Enroll” button.  If you prefer sending Lunch from home, please take all necessary precautions to keep the food in good state of preservation.

IMPORTANT:  If your child needs a special or specific diet, is allergic to any food, celiac or may suffer of any other food related condition, please contact the Wellness Center.


Maxi Reboreda Lomba

Cafeteria Service Nutritionist email: